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Why ILA Vietnam?

ILA Vietnam is a foreign-owned educational and training company. We offer a broad range of educational programmes and services, including:

  • English language programmes for children and adults
  • International exam preparation
  • Teaching Training
  • Corporate training
  • Overseas study placement services and consultation

In 2016, we educated more than 45,000 students at ILA centres in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Haiphong, Da Nang, Binh Duong, Bien Hoa and Vung Tau.

We make considerable and continuous investments in our programmes, services and facilities to ensure that our students receive an education of the very highest standard.


We place our customer expirence at the core of all we do.
We are committed to build a professional and open working environment, where people have equal chance to grow.
We operate our business ethically, trans-parently and efficiently.
We strive continually to grow, learn and improve.
We give back to our community.


To become best-in-class in the education and trainning industry. We do this through our commitment to deliver life - changing learning experiences that empower our students for life.


We are committed to continuously improve our operations, to build more schools and to provide 21st century learning standards for our students.

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